Forby working for SIUAs Southern Illinois University continues its struggle due to the budget impasse, Senator Gary Forby (D-Benton) helped to pass a bipartisan measure that would allow the university to continue serving students throughout Southern Illinois.

The measure, Senate Bill 2059, would release emergency funds to help universities throughout Illinois keep their doors open and allow students to receive MAP grant funding.

“I voted for this today because SIU is in a crisis situation. Jobs are at stake, our young people’s education is at stake, and I will not stand by and let this happen,” Forby said. “State schools need state funding. Period.

“What is infuriating about this situation is that the governor has a plan on his desk that would give SIU 100 percent of the funding it needs right now. Due to his inaction we are now forced to pass emergency funds that only release 30 percent of the funds they need for the fiscal year.”

Senate Democrats sent Senate Bill 2046 to Governor Bruce Rauner earlier this month that also includes higher education and MAP grant funding. The measure would also give him the financial authority to release funding for things such as Amtrak and the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center.

The measure, Senate Bill 2059, passed the Senate Friday with a vote of 55 to 0. It now goes to the governor’s desk for consideration.


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