Forby2014BENTON --- Southern Illinois Senator Gary Forby is making a public stand with local gun owners and calling on President Obama to dial down the anti-gun rhetoric and recognize 2nd Amendment rights.

“Look around. The only gun problem we have in Southern Illinois is people trying to take away our rights. If there’s a problem in Chicago or Washington, D.C., fix it. But don’t take it out on the responsible gun owners of this region,” Forby said.

His comments come as President Obama is expected to soon utilize his executive powers to impose firearm purchase restrictions. Forby sent a letter to President Obama expressing his disappointment in the president’s approach.

Forby has long defended gun owners and their rights. He sponsored the legislation that finally brought concealed carry to Illinois. Now, Forby is drawing attention to anti-gun-owner proposals in an effort to make sure they don’t become law. For instance, Chicago officials suggested a tax on ammunition, and Chicago lawmakers in the Illinois House asked the U.S. Supreme Court to redefine the 2nd Amendment to eliminate individual gun owner rights.

“That’s not going to happen so long as I’m a State Senator,” said Forby. “These proposals are an outright attack on our constitutional rights. Can you imagine the outrage if someone tried to redefine the 1st Amendment? These bad ideas need to end. The solution to urban crime isn’t taking 2nd Amendment rights away from the people of Southern Illinois. The sooner Chicago and Washington politicians learn that, the sooner they’ll be able to solve their problems.”

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