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The recent severe weather caused rivers and creeks throughout the region to overflow, forcing hundreds of residents from their homes.

Unfortunately, emergency management officials expect water levels to continue to rise for another day or two.

I want to ensure the people in the 59th District are prepared and know where to turn for help if the extreme weather and flooding affected you or your property.

Click here to learn about the procedures to take before, during and after floods. This link also has information about emergency supply kits and some tips on managing other severe weather conditions.

Here you will find a list of road closures from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). IDOT also has an interactive map of the road closures here.

State resources processed to date include barricades for road closures in the Metro East area; sandbags and plastic for the Big Muddy Levee in Jackson County.

For additional information visit the

Also, be sure to visit my website to receive further updates.



State Senator Gary Forby

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Today, Senator Gary Forby supported legislation ensuring several critical services remain operational and local municipalities get the gas tax money they are owed.

The legislation provides:

  • $45 million to the Department of Revenue so local governments can receive their share of video gaming proceeds
  • $582.5 million to Illinois Department of Transportation for local governments share of motor fuel gas tax revenues
  • $31 million to Illinois Department of Transportation to purchase road salt
  • $165 million for the State’s supplement to Low Income Home energy Assistance Program
  • $77 million for 9-1-1 related costs

“We got a lot of stuff our community needs,” Forby said. “But, we still have students who don’t know if they will receive tuition assistance the state owes them.”

The measure that Senator Forby supported passed along local gas tax money for winter road clearing and funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The legislation also funds9-1-1 related costs to ensure residents have a line of communication in cases of emergency.

“Many of the programs we funded today were held hostage by governor Rauner in return for his anti-worker agenda,” Forby said. “Since winter is here, he decided to release funds for services that are necessary for road clearing and energy bill assistance. The game he’s playing is too easy to see through.”

The measure now advances to the Governor’s desk where he will either sign or veto the measure.

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leadersmeeting 12.2015Earlier today, the four legislative leaders and Governor Rauner met to discuss solutions to the ongoing budget impasse. Senator Forby has long advocated for a meeting to get Illinois financial situation back on track.

Below is a reaction statement from Senator Forby.

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forby hardin work camp1Senator Gary Forby (D-Benton) has taken the reigns in the Senate to guide legislation the keeps Hardin County Work Camp open. The measure simply provides that the Department of Corrections shall operate the Hardin County Work Camp. Governor Rauner has been slowly siphoning off workers and inmates from the prison in an effort to sink an already struggling Southern Illinois economy.

“Cutting Hardin Work Camp is irresponsible,” Forby said. “Inmates living here help local governments during natural disasters, save surrounding counties millions of dollars in project costs and inmates donate 7,000 hours per month in community service to neighboring cities. These are the types of facilities that allow inmates to pay their debt to society while also developing skills, so once they are released they don’t come back.”

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