ForbyFloor5SPRINGFIELD – Earlier today, Governor Quinn used his constitutional authority to veto and recommend changes to House Bill 183, the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, which allows and regulates the carrying of concealed firearms in public places.

State Senator Gary Forby (D–Benton) – a longtime advocate for gun rights and Sponsor of HB 183 in the Senate – released the following statement:

“This doesn’t come as a shock to anyone,” Forby said. “We knew this governor was going to make this political. If he had concerns about the bill, maybe he should have been more involved when lawmakers spent months working on it. Instead, he makes major changes to the bill after it passed both the House and Senate with veto-proof majorities. Just doesn’t seem very democratic to me.” 

Please listen to further comments from Senator Forby here:

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ForbyFloor4SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Senate on Friday supported a measure to permit and regulate hydraulic fracturing. State Senator Gary Forby (D–Benton), a co-sponsor of the measure, called the proposal a potential economic boon to Southern Illinois. 

“This bill is a jobs creator,” Forby said. “Hydraulic fracturing has the potential to add thousands of good-paying, local jobs and provide a needed boost to our economy here in Southern Illinois. Along with the expanding coal industry, this area has the potential to once again be among the energy production leaders in the Midwest.”

“I want to commend Rep. Bradley for his hard work these past several months. He produced a model bill for the rest of the country.”

Senate Bill 1715 was approved by both the House and Senate with bipartisan support and now awaits the governor’s signature.

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ForbyFloor3SPRINGFIELD – On Friday, after months of negotiations and several failed proposals, State Senator Gary Forby (D–Benton) – a longtime advocate for gun rights – passed a concealed-carry proposal out of the Senate with bipartisan support.

“All I can say is, finally.” Forby said. “This is not the perfect bill, but it’s the result of months of negotiations and compromise by both sides. Gun owners throughout the state have been calling for Illinois to join the rest of the nation in allowing concealed carry and we finally answered those calls.” 

The proposal passed 45-12-1.

Overview of House Bill 183:

  • Shall Issue – Creates a shall issue concealed carry license that is valid throughout the State for 5 years.
  • Objects – If law enforcement finds a person is a danger or threat to public safety, they can object to an application and that objection will be reviewed by a 7 member Board made up of federal judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and a mental health professional.
  • Prohibited Places – It lists various prohibited places like schools, government buildings, hospitals, bars, and parks.
  • Safe Haven – A person with a license will have a safe haven in his or her car if the firearm is locked in a case or in a truck.
  • Preemption – Prohibits towns from further restricting any issue related to concealed carry, transportation of firearms by FOID Card holders, and any new assault weapons bans.
  • Mental Health – Requires very strict mental health reporting so that people with mental health issues cannot get a FOID Card and possess a firearm.
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ForbyFloor2SPRINGFIELD – On Friday, State Representative Brandon Phelps (D–Harrisburg) passed House Bill 2193, which allows licensed citizens to carry a concealed firearm. The measure now awaits approval by the Senate.

State Senator Gary Forby (D-Benton) released the following statement.

“I want to congratulate Rep. Phelps for all of his hard work and dedication in passing a responsible concealed-carry proposal in the House. I look forward to building off Brandon’s success in the House and getting this bill passed in the Senate.”

“I am beyond frustrated that the full Senate has not had the opportunity to vote on a concealed-carry measure or even debate one on the floor. We have only one week left before session is scheduled to end. We need to pass a concealed-carry measure before the June deadline. So I am calling on President Cullerton to allow a vote in the Senate on HB 2193. We have the votes in the Senate to pass this measure. Let us vote on this bill.”

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