Forby Map GrantAs John A. Logan College sends out letters to faculty announcing they will be laying off roughly 55 employees due to the budget impasse, the Illinois Senate voted to override Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto of a measure that would free up funds to help prevent this from happening.  

State Senator Gary Forby (D-Benton) who represents the part of Southern Illinois where the college is located, said he is glad to see that his colleagues in the Senate took a stand on Wednesday to show Gov. Rauner that he can’t get in the way of Illinois students.

“Today we had a win,” said Forby. “We showed the governor that we will not allow him to take away important opportunities for Southern Illinois college students. If we want our citizens to be prepared to enter the workforce, one important step is making sure they have access to education.”

Senate Bill 2043 would give the governor the spending authority to honor his administration’s commitments to the student financial aid program known as the Monetary Award Program.
The Senate overrode the vetoed on Wednesday and it will now go to the House for a vote.


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BudgetIllinois State Senator Gary Forby (D-Benton) released the following statement in response to Governor Bruce Rauner’s budget address on Wednesday:

"This is getting out of hand," said Forby. "Today we heard a budget address when we still don’t have a budget for this year. How many places need to close, how many jobs need to be lost and how many people must lose vital services before this guy is willing to work with us to pass a budget? He has shut down the Sparta shooting range, cut off funding to Southern Illinois University, and as of recent, permanently closed the Southern Illinois Art and Artisans Center at Rend Lake; yet again costing people jobs. This simple fact is, we passed a budget and he vetoed it. I am working hard to help keep Southern Illinois afloat; I wish he would do the same."

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Sen. Forby opposes CPS bailout State Sen. Gary Forby (D-Benton) said Southern Illinois schools are his top priority and that Governor Rauner is sadly mistaken if he thinks the senator supports taking over and bailing out Chicago schools.

“Dumb idea,” said Forby. “I mean really, dumb idea. He’s laying people off, closing the Sparta shooting range and slashing our schools. Oh, but now he’s going to use our tax dollars to bail out Chicago and he thinks I’m going to help him? I don’t think so. What is he going to do next, come tell us how to run our schools in Southern Illinois too?”

Forby’s comments come as Gov. Rauner is trying to bail out Chicago schools and is calling on downstate Democrats to help him.

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012716CM0824 The Illinois Senate passed a measure Thursday to approve funding that will allow struggling college students the ability to continue their education. 

State Senator Gary Forby (D-Benton) voted to approve funding for the state’s Monetary Award Grant program. The funding was originally approved last May. However, Governor Rauner vetoed the measure thereby freezing the funds.

“MAP grant funding provides students who are struggling economically the chance to work toward a better and brighter future,” said Forby. “Today, we voted to ensure students have the opportunity to continue their education. It is important we continue to provide Illinois students with the tools they need to enter the workforce. Today, we made this a priority by ensuring students continue to have access to an education.”

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